At Janet Sinden & Co we don’t believe in hiding our prices.  We believe firmly in allowing clients to judge value for money and as such we make sure that we are transparent regarding our fees at all times. You can be sure that, when instructing us, there will be no hidden surprises. Our fees and anticipated disbursements are always made totally clear in our cost quotations. What is more, we make it a policy to review our fees on a regular basis, taking account of client feedback, so that we can always be sure of offering great value for money.

We believe that our policy on fees has helped us to build lasting relationships with our clients – a policy that links a good service to the lack of any concerns about unforeseen costs.

To help you understand what we will do and what your matter will cost, we have provided details of the services we provide and our prices in all of the relevant sections of this website.  You can also access those details using the links below.

Here you will find not only details about what we charge for dealing with your matter but also details of any payments that we will need to make to others (some of which are called disbursements) – for example, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Search fees, Probate Registry fees and other payments.

We also believe that there is no use giving you a price unless we also tell you what it will cover. For that reason, you will also find details of what you can reasonably expect to be included within that price as well as details of who will be carrying out your work for and how long your matter is likely to take.  This information is contained on the various pages detailing our work.

Finally, please note that Janet Sinden & Co are VAT registered and so the fees we charge and some of the payments we need to make on your behalf will be subject to VAT which is presently set at a rate of 20%.  Note, however, that some of the payments we may need to make are known as ‘disbursements for VAT purposes’ and in these cases, VAT will not be charged.  We will make it clear to you which charges attract VAT and which do not.

If you have any questions whatsoever about our fees or the payments we need to make on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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