Making a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, or dealing with the death of a loved, is difficult for everyone and can be particularly stressful and emotional.  At Janet Sinden & Co we believe in making things as easy for you as possible at such a difficult time and our expert staff will always be there to guide you through the complexities involved in a caring and friendly manner.

Making a Will

Thinking about making a Will is often a difficult subject and many people find it hard to talk about what they would like to happen to their assets in the event of their death.

However, making a Will is important because it ensures that your wishes are followed upon your death and can help to ease the worry you may have by giving you the comfort of knowing that your family and/or your Executor is aware of your wishes.

Whether you are having a brand-new Will made or you are simply having an existing Will reviewed, our specialist Wills and Probate Solicitor, Lucy Rastgoye, will be pleased to help you. From providing you with initial advice through to drafting your Will and dealing with the requirements for having it validly signed we can provide you with the service that is right for you.


Probate is the legal process of dealing with a person’s assets (known as their Estate) when they die. It involves paying off any debts, dealing with any claims, gathering in their assets and ultimately distributing the Estate in accordance with their wishes.

At Janet Sinden & Co, we can provide you with just the amount of assistance that you need, and we are happy either to deal with administering the whole of the deceased person’s estate or simply obtaining the Grant of Probate and helping you administer the estate yourself.

Our specialist Solicitor Lucy Rastgoye is always on hand to offer support and advice at this most difficult of times.

Our transparent pricing policy means that you will always be aware of our charges for dealing with a probate or administration are and what any disbursement payment is for.  Not only can you get an idea as to cost by going to our Probate and Administration Charges page but also we will provide you with a clear indication of the costs of the matter at the outset wherever it is possible to do so. 

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives someone the legal authority to act on your behalf when you cannot do so.  There are several different types of Power of Attorney although the most commonly encountered one is the Lasting Power of Attorney (previously known as an Enduring Power of Attorney) which allows someone to make decisions for you when you unable to do so through reasons of old age or ill health.

Our specialist Solicitor Lucy Rastgoye can advise you as to the correct form for your Lasting Power of Attorney and as to what you need to do to ensure that it can operate when it is needed.

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